Spectricept™ utilises a naturally occurring chemistry developed to provide unmatched microbiological efficacy and superior product stability. Spectricept™ is produced using a proprietary, low-energy, sustainable manufacturing method, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to alcohol-based products.

Medical-Grade Performance

Spectricept™ is manufactured to GMP standards and passes antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial (anti-pathogenic) accredited medical testing. This includes antibiotic-resistant (AMR) “super-bugs”, such as C. diff.

Spectricept™ versus Generic HOCl

In the presence of serum (dirt, blood, sweat etc) generic HOCl fails to even reach disinfection levels (LOG 4) whilst Spectricept™ not only achieves disinfection against all bacteria tested but in many cases achieves sterilisation (LOG 6). This is absolutely critical as the product is utilised in “real world” conditions not laboratory conditions which is how other companies test their product and display their testing results.

* LOG reduction based on 1 million bacteria

Spectricept™ is..

Spectricept™ CARE+ Product Lines

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